The Billable Hour – Litigation’s Scapegoat

The billable hour has been the ubiquitous billing model for litigation services in South Africa since anyone can remember. The model is that lawyers charge their time out to their clients at a set rate ...
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The Signal of Disclosing a Litigation Funder

This article follows our article on the game theory of litigation and its “signaling events”. One such signal is unique to a party that utilises a litigation funder and discloses its presence to their opponent. It is ...
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Litigation Game Theory

Examining litigation and game theory is not a new concept. In South Africa, Taryn Neuhaus has written a fascinating paper titled “Game Theoretic Modeling of Litigation in Engineering Projects” (2015). This article presents some of ...
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Taurus Capital on CliffCentral’s Laws of Life with Garry Hertzberg

Litigation is expensive and comes with enormous risk. With litigation funding available in South Africa, the legal landscape has changed for those who would not normally have access to our courts. Simon Kuper and Gary ...
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